Purpose: Hydrodynamic, rainfall-runoff, and water quality model.
Developer: Deltares
Key Features: Process geospatial data; couple 1D/2D model, visualization tolls.
Latest Release: Version 2.4, November 2013
OS Platform: Windows
Cost: Perpetual license
Related Software: MIKE11, Flood Modeller
Website: SOBEK home page


The SOBEK modelling suite models water flows and processes in almost any system. The modelling suiteincludes a combined rainfall-runoff, hydrodynamic (1D/2D), and water quality model designed for river, urban and rural management. The program can employ several model choices to model different the physical process of runoff. Hydrodynamic modeling is based on the St Venant equation. SOBEK is used for flood forecasting, optimizing drainage systems, controlling irrigation systems, designing sewer overflow, river morphology, salt intrusion and surface water quality. Key features of the SOBEK model include the ability to couple the rainfall-runoff model with a hydrodynamic model and a water quality model; multiple methods to process the physical properties of the watershed based on data; high performance computing and the ability to process geospatial files; and a case manager that turns grey to green, yellow or red based on whether the task can or cannot be executed.

Advantages and Limitations

Advantages Limitations
  • Used extensively around the world
  • Training available via vendor
  • Program based on high performance computing
  • Allows for coupling of rainfall-runoff, hydrodynamic in 1D/2D, and a water quality model
  • Limited control features on real-time controller
  • River slopes cannot exceed 10%
  • Pricing is tiered-base
  • Lack of information provided on calibration within the user manual

Illustrative Screens

Sample Applications

Africa East Asia and the Pacific Europe & Central Asia Latin America & the Caribbean Middle East and North Africa South Asia
Indonesia (Flood Management)

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